KQWC 95.7 FM Format

“Today’s Hits, Yesterday’s Favorites” with adult contemporary music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. 

KZWC 92.9 FM & 1570 AM Format

“Adult Contemporary” with hits anywhere from the 60’s to today. 

KQWC & KZWC History

KQWC Radio brings a rich history of quality news and information radio that has been enjoyed by listeners since the initial sign-on date of February 9, 1950. The call letters of KJFJ were first used when the station was owned by the local newspaper, The Daily Freeman Journal.

In 1971, GO-RICH Corporation purchased KJFJ and combined the AM station with 95.9 FM (purchased by GORICH Corp. from Jack Whitesell of Iowa Falls).  KQWC then upgraded it’s FM and changed frequency from 95.9 to 95.7 along with a new 445 foot tower built in 1991 and licensed the FM power from 3,000 watts to 25,000 watts. This gives us a coverage from Des Moines to Clear Lake and from Waverly to Sac City. At this time, our 1570 AM and new 95.7 FM were simulcast.

February 13, 2010, KQWC separated the music and content of the 95.7 FM and 1570 AM stations. The 1570 AM station was officially named “The Kruise” and played “True Oldies” music (which later became “Classic Oldies”).

October 31st, 2014, KQWC turned on a new translator for the 1570 AM station, so we could broadcast our new 92.9 FM in stereo. It’s been a “hit” ever since! We have now separated our stations with different call letters: KQWC is 95.7 FM (Q95 -Today’s Hit’s, Yesterday’s Favorites) and KZWC is 1570 AM and 92.9 FM (The Kruise – Classic Oldies)

KQWC & KZWC began 24 hour “live” streaming live via Internet (through our website) on May 23, 2016.

After 69 years, KQWC (and now KZWC) continues to be one of the most respected sources of information in north-central Iowa. KQWC & KZWC have made a commitment to continue to provide this area with the kind of radio that people have come to depend on with news coverage that has won this station many awards throughout the years.

KQWC and KZWC stations are now owned by Fieldview Broadcasting LLC.

KQWC Awards

KQWC has earned a number of awards for broadcast excellence and community involvement.
Among them are:
· Best in State Iowa Business and Industry Recognition
· Department of Agriculture Centennial Award
· Citizen of the Year Award
· Iowa Hall of Fame Inductee Award
· Friend of Education Award
· The Golden Microphone Award.

KQWC & KZWC Coverage

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