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Hamilton County Board of Health to meet Thursday afternoon.
Posted: Sep 15 2014 by ppowers

 The Hamilton County Board of Health meets Thursday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. in their conference room at 820 James Street. Agenda items will include a presentation from Community and Family Resources,review a tobacco grant with Christine Hassebrock, look at board policies, personnel issues,cost reports, set the dates for flu clinics and approve a budget amendment. Director Shelby Kroona will report to the board on current activities in her office.

Wright County Supervisors to meet Monday morning.
Posted: Sep 15 2014 by ppowers

 The next meeting of the Wright County Board of Supervisors will be Monday morning at 9:00 at the supervisors room of the Wright County Courthouse in Clarion. The board will meet with Wright County Economic Development Director Brad Hicks to introduce new staff in his office. A tax suspension per eligibility through the Iowa Department of Human Services will be discussed. The board will be updated on a roofing project for the courthouse plus other matters.

No sign of Ethan Kazmerzak after one year.
Posted: Sep 15 2014 by ppowers


Today,September 15 marks one year since the disappearance of Ethan Kazmerzak. The 22 year old Hampton man was reported missing during the early morning hours of Sunday, September 15,2013. Hampton Police and the Franklin County Sheriff's Department officials have followed up on a few leads with no results. The $20,000 reward previously offered is being renewed and offered for any relevant  and useful information that leads to the location and or safe return of Kazmerzak. The reward has been pooled together  by a group of five anonymous donors.  Kazmerzak has dark blond hair, has had a beard,wears glasses and has a Grateful Dead tattoo on his upper left arm. He was last seen wearing peach and orange colored shorts and a white teal printed shirt. He was driving a silver 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI with Iowa license plate AUZ 382,which has still not been located. Anyone with information about Ethan please call North Iowa Crimestoppers at 1-800-383-0088 or the Hampton Police Department at 1-641-456-2529.

Kendall Young Library board to meet Tuesday evening.
Posted: Sep 12 2014 by ppowers

 A meeting of the Kendall Young Library Board will be held Tuesday evening at 6:30 in the children's room of the library.There will be a discussion of a fundraising letter,plans for sub-committee meetings, and a staff training day. There will also be an update by director Angie Martin Schwarze on current activities at the library. A Farmer's National report by Richard Carlson regarding the operation of the library farm north of Webster City will be presented.

Doodlebug Reunion continues through Saturday.
Posted: Sep 12 2014 by ppowers

 Enthusiasts of the Doodlebug motor bike made in Webster City over 65 years are at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds through Saturday for their 28th annual reunion. Over 40 thousand of the motor bikes were made in the mid to late 1940s by Beam Manufacturing which later became Electrolux Home Products until it closed in 2011. Fans of the Doodlebug are from all over the country enjoying the camaraderie and sharing their stories about this Webster City manufactured scooter. Several parts vendors are in attendance. An extended trail ride will be included plus an endurance run. The event is being held at the Van Diest Building. The reunion continues through 10 Friday night and Saturday from 8:00 a.m until 4:00 p.m.

Stratford School Board to meet Wednesday afternoon.
Posted: Sep 12 2014 by ppowers

 The Stratford School Board will elect a board president and vice president at their meeting Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 at the school library in Stratford. There will be a financial update, a review of board policies and school building update.  Superintendent Sarah Binder will present an update on the English Language Learner Plan and District Developed Delivery System. Binder will report on the fall assessments, technology update and the teacher leadership and compensation plan plus other matters.

First Flu Shot Clinic coming September 24 to Webster City.
Posted: Sep 12 2014 by ppowers

 The Hamilton County Public Health Department will be holding a High Doze Flu clinic on Wednesday, September 24 from 9:00 until 3:00  at the Public Health Building at 820 James Street in Webster City. No appointment is necessary. The clinic is for those ages 65 and over. You are asked to bring your Medicare card. Hamilton County Public Health will be scheduling more flu clinics in the coming weeks. For more information please call the Public Health office at 832-9565.

Webster City City Council to meet Monday at 5:15 p.m.
Posted: Sep 11 2014 by ppowers

 The next meeting of the Webster City City Council will be Monday afternoon at 5:15 in the city council chambers. The council will have the first reading on an ordinance as it relates to public offenses in the community. A resolution for a change order for the contract amount and extension of the completion date for the 2014 Water Plant Filter Replacement project will be considered.The Webster City City Council will hear a request from the HERO (Help Entertain and Restore Organization) Board. A request  to purchase a new 36 inch snow plow from Stellar Truck and Trailer for $7,073 which in over budget by $73 will be considered.The replacement of a methane gas burner line for the wastewater plant will be discussed. The council will meet in a closed session for a strategy  meeting in connection with collective bargaining. The meeting will be telecast Monday afternoon at 5:15 on cable channel 12.

Online marketing workshop coming to Webster City September 17.
Posted: Sep 11 2014 by ppowers

 The Webster City Area Chamber of Commerce is providing a workshop with Sheila Scarborough on Wednesday, September 17. Scarborough will lead a workshop designed to teach small businesses, non-profits, and others how to use tourism and online marketing to increase visitors to their stores and locations. The event is funded by the Webster City Area Chamber of Commerce and grants from Enhance Hamilton County Foundation and Travel Iowa. The workshop is free for all Hamilton County businesses and residences. Those outside Hamilton County may attend for $25. The in person workshop will have beginner/advanced beginners slated for the morning session and intermediate/advanced for the afternoon session. Every attendee of the workshop will also have access to a four part online course in social media which is just about everything fundamental that a front line tourism related business would want or need to know. Each attendee will receive three 60 minute group coaching sessions for their group over the course of three months. For more information contact the chamber office at 515-832-2564 or www.visitwebstercityiowa.com

Stratford City Council looks at animal issues.
Posted: Sep 11 2014 by ppowers

 The Stratford City Council Monday evening met with Monica Becker and Katherine Flockhart on the removal of 49 cats from a property in Stratford.  The property was under a nuisance abatement. Rescue volunteers stepped forward to abate the nuisance in a humane manner with careful consideration towards the owner of the property. The volunteers removed the cats from this property and took them to a building in Stanhope which was set up as a staging area to process the cats. Officials from Animal Protection and Education out of Paton assisted in advising the rescue volunteers and in the processing. The processing included materials to vaccinate, neuter or spray the animals. The rescue volunteer group is also currently working with the Jewell Animal Hospital and the Fort Dodge Almost Home Animal Shelter to find the cats new homes. Becker noted that in a conversation with Josh Colvin of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa that this project was handled in the best way possible.  The council voted approved a donation to Animal Protection and Education of $1,945 for the processing costs in the animal rescue project.

Stratford City Manager Rachel Cahill gave a review of the 2014 pool season noting that attendance was down resulting in lower revenues as an outcome of the summer's overall cool weather conditions. Expenses were up two percent because there were piping and sensor repairs needed at the pool. The operation of the pool resulted in a $14,590 drawn from the general fund tax levies which was down one percent from 2013. Council members saluted the efforts of Pool Manager Kim Leeds and Certified Pool Operator Dan Ostrem which resulted in an outstanding inspection for Hamilton County Public Health.

In other matters, the Stratford City Council set Friday,October 31 from 5:00 until 7:00 p.m. as Trick or Treat night in the community.  The Stratford Fire Department will cordon off city streets and use ATV's and golf carts to assist with the Cruise to the Woods on October 5. The council approved its membership renewal with the Central Iowa Area Safety and Support Organization with Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities for $1,393.A request was approved for city hall staff to attend the Data Technologies user group meeting in Des Moines on October 15 with Diana Erickson staffing City Hall paid at her regular library hourly rate of $10.50.


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