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Stratford City Council votes in favor of United Coop building permit.
Posted: Dec 11 2014 by ppowers

 The Stratford City Council this week met with representatives of the United Coop on their request for a building permit. Jack McGonegle commented the expansion is needed so that farmers can move in and out quicker. Stratford mayor Mike Neperney asked what the net effect of the dryer would be. McGonegle replied  that the unit would be cleaner,quieter and faster than the present unit noting that the current unit does 1200 bushels per hour and the new unit will do 3500 bushels per hour. Once the new bin and drying unit is up and running, the old service will be removed. Stratford council member Larry Runyan said that he had heard concerns from the project's adjacent neighbors regarding noise and other things that could happen. He also asked about other areas to locate the project, continuing to say that it sounds like the Coop is working with the community. Another council member Mark Scott asked what happens if structural problems occur and where does the grain flow. Doran Stakey from the United Coop said it all depends on where the bin breaks. Council member Rick Woodard objected to the general principals of the project due to his issue that he felt the United Coop did not speak to the neighbors regarding the project. Council member Travis Sonksen commented that they have been a good supporter of Stratford for more than twenty years. Sonksen told the council the people who bought property in an area where the Coop  had been already established. The Coop is working to control noise and chaff issues with new and more efficient fans.  Council member Scott said he is for expansion but questioned having a bin like that in one's back yard and if the project could be repositioned. After much discussion the council voted 3 to 2 to award the building permit to the United Coop.Council members Haman, Runyan and Sonksen voted in favor while council members Scott and Woodard voted no.

Hamilton County Compensation Board to set salaries of county elected officials on December 16.
Posted: Dec 10 2014 by ppowers

 The Hamilton County Compensation Board  will begin the work on setting the salaries of elected county officials next week.  The board will meet Tuesday,December 16 at 1:00 p.m. at the supervisors board room. The recommendations will be presented to the supervisors at one of the their future meetings.

Fort Dodge Police officer helps save the life of a child.
Posted: Dec 09 2014 by ppowers

 A Fort Dodge Police Officer is credited with saving the life of a 18 month old boy late Monday afternoon. A call came through the Webster County Communications Center that a child was choking at the Chen Garden restaurant at 217 South 25th Street. Police and Fire/Rescue personnel were dispatched to the call. The boy was reportedly choking on a grape. Margaret Garcia of Fort Dodge reported that her son was eating when he started choking and turned a purpleish color. She reported to officers that the grape could not be dislodged from sons throat. A 911 call was then made. Officer Cody Harris, a nearly 2 year officer with the Fort Dodge Police Department was first on the scene as he rendered medical aid to the child. A short time later the child expelled the lodged grape particles and began breathing normally. The child was later examined on the scene by Fort Dodge rescue professionals in an ambulance who then released the child a short time later as being healthy.

South Hamilton School Board sets hearing for early start date for next year's school calendar.
Posted: Dec 09 2014 by ppowers

 The South Hamilton Community School Board Monday evening set Monday,January 12 at 6:00 p.m. for a public hearing on the 2015-16 calendar early start date public hearing. The calendar is expected to be presented to the board for review and approval. South Hamilton superintendent Ken Howard informed the board that the results of a survey regarding the school calendar was shared. Each of the findings will be used during the development process. Staff members are working with school officials on the calendar including the dates for professional development and parent teacher conferences for next school year beginning in mid August. 

The board also approved a recommendation to revise each of the district's early retirement programs by changing a statement regarding the program would be offered every year to eligible employees to an early retirement program shall be offered through resolution every year to eligble employees upon approval of the South Hamilton school board. The school board approved the resolution that extends the deadline to request early retirement be extended to January 31, 2015.

A Modified Supplemental Amount Application for Dropout Prevention in the amount of $207,000 was approved. A request for replacing the lights in the Industrial Tech area was also approved by the board. 

In other matters, the South Hamilton school board heard from the administration team on their meeting with the Baker Group to determine if their services might be used to improve any facilities improvement processes and subsequent projects in collaboration with Angelo Architects and Mark Thiessen. Information regarding the meeting was shared with the school board.A copy of a survey the South Hamilton district sent out to preschool parents and guardians in order to determine possible interest in transportation being provided by  the school district during given schedule times during the day was shared along with the results.

The South Hamilton board presented a Hawk Pride-Superior Achievement award to Matt Schutt. Steph Vierkandt was recognized as the Character Counts in Iowa Dance Coach of the Year last week during state competition in Des Moines. An overnight stay request was approved for the South Hamilton vocal students at Wartburg College's Meistersinger Honor Choir program in Waverly.

Volunteers needed for Angel Tree gift wrap event Sunday.
Posted: Dec 09 2014 by ppowers

 Volunteers will be needed this Sunday afternoon for the wrapping of presents for the HERO (Help Entertain and Restore Organization) gift wrapping day this Sunday afternoon, December 14 at Webster City Middle School. This week HERO volunteers and local residents will be purchasing gifts thanks in part to the generous contributions from  those helped who picked up tags over the past two weeks at the Webster Theater. If you plan on participating this Sunday please bring your scissors. Gift wrap, tape and tags will be available. The hours for Sunday's gift wrapping event is from 1 until 5 p.m. If you have any further questions please contact Kay Ross at 515-297-1758 or the Webster City Chamber office at 832-2564.

Hamilton County Board of Supervisors to meet Tuesday morning.
Posted: Dec 08 2014 by ppowers

 The next Hamilton County Board of Supervisors meeting will be Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. in the supervisors board room. The agenda will include the acceptance of the Second Judicial District Annual Report, discuss personnel action in the county sheriff's department and a review of the workmen's compensation policy. The board will review the engineer's report and set the annexation hearing for drainage district 9 plus other matters.

Kendall Young Library board of trustees to meet Tuesday evening.
Posted: Dec 08 2014 by ppowers

 The next meeting of the Kendall Young Library Board of Trustees will be Tuesday evening at 6:30 in the downstairs meeting room of the library. The board will discuss the library budget for 2015 and a fundraising lettter. There will also be an election of officers for 2015. An update will be presented by Richard Carlson of Farmers National Company and from library director Angie Martin Schwarze.

Farmland Drainage Workshop set for December 11.
Posted: Dec 05 2014 by ppowers

 The Hamilton County Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Service will sponsor a Farmland Drainage Workshop on Thursday, December 11 at the Stanhope Community Building from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. The program will provide information essential for designing and planning a new drainage system or retrofitting an existing system. In addition, the economic and long term benefits of tiling will be discussed. While the economic benefits of tiling are well recognized, there are also environmental impacts from drainage. The workshop will cover the basics of farmland drainage for area farmers. Information on the workshop can be obtained by calling the Hamilton County Iowa State University Extension and Outreach office at 515-832-9597.

Webster City Hotel Motel Tax Board approve all seven grant applications.
Posted: Dec 05 2014 by ppowers

 The Webster City Hotel Motel Tax Board late Thursday afternoon approved all seven  grant requests for funding that will be submitted to the city council for final review. They include:

Border Brigade Archery requesting $5,735 for the National Archery in the School Program and for Winter Tournaments.

Hamilton County Saddle Club requesting $4,079 for the enhancement project of the arena on the north side of Webster City.

Kendall Young Library requesting $5,000 for a program entitled "Walking in his Grandfather's Footsteps:Author Presentation  and Writer's Workshop by Tom Shroder, the grandson of author Mackinlay Kantor.

Legacy Learning Boone River Valley requesting $10,000 for a Winter Weekend Getaway and Fall Family Weekend Event.

Webster City Area Chamber and Iowa Antique Network requesting $2,282 for the second annual Junque Fest next Memorial Day weekend.

Webster City Community Theater requesting $7,525 for improvements to their Performing Arts Center on Willson Avenue.

Wilson Brewer Historic Park Committee requesting $16,975 for work on the Bonebright Depot Museum and Information Center.

The Webster City City Council will receive the requests for approval at their next meeting on Monday,December 15.

Fort Dodge Police investigate an altercation at the senior high school.
Posted: Dec 04 2014 by ppowers

 An assault between an adult female and three juvenile females was investigated Thursday morning at Fort Dodge Senior High School. Fort Dodge Police reported that 38 year old Wanda Mosley of Fort Dodge and a 16 year old juvenile female from Fort Dodge entered the school and proceeded to get into a physical altercation with two juvenile females in class over personal matters. As a result of the altercation,a  teacher was also assaulted in the process. The suspects fled the scene prior to the arrival of police officers. The entire Fort Dodge Senior High School building was placed on lock down preventing their return thus containing the event and protecting the children while officers collected evidence and information. Continue investigation led to the location and the arrest of Mosley and the 16 year old female. Both individuals were charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault as well as a charge of disorderly conduct. . The name of the 16 year old is being withheld due to the fact that she is a juvenile. The incident remains under investigation by Fort Dodge Police.

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