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Two motor vehicle accidents investigated by Webster City Police over the weekend.
Posted: Jan 19 2015 by ppowers

 A car pickup accident in the 1100 block of Second Street was investigated by Webster City Police shortly before noon Saturday. Reportedly an eastbound 2007 Kia Spectrum driven by Sarah Paukert of Duncombe accidentally struck the rear end of a 2000 Ford Ranger pickup truck driven by Sheila Nelson of Webster City. Paukert was adjusting the visor to her car when she did not see the Nelson truck stopped in traffic. Nelson was in the process of turning into her driveway at the time. Webster City firemen were called to the accident scene to clean up the anti freeze leaking from the Paukert car. There were no injuries. Investigating officer Jordan Elonich estimated the damage to the Nelson truck at $1500 with the Paukert car declared a total loss.

An accident Friday afternoon at Second Street and West Avenue was investigated by Webster City Police. Reportedly a 2000 Oldsmobiel Intrigue driven by Carly Christian of Webster City was turning left from West Second Street onto West Avenue when she was blinded by the sun and could not see a 2005 GMC Envoy driven by Duane Schwering also of Webster City. The Schwering vehicle was stopped at the stop sign. No injuries were reported. Investigating police captain Tony Janssen estimated the damage to the Christian car at $2000 and an estimated $600 in damage to the Schwering vehicle.

Former Webster City resident pleads guilty to drug possession
Posted: Jan 19 2015 by ppowers

 A former Webster City resident who has been a middle school teacher and high school softball coach in Carlisle has pleaded guilty to a charge of crack cocaine possession. 55 year old Jim Flaws pleaded guilty Thursday to possessing crack cocaine during a traffic stop on October 16. Flaws has been a social studies teacher and varsity girls softball coach for more than 30 years. The Carlisle High School softball team has won four state softball titles during his tenure as coach. Flaws has taken a leave of absence from his teaching and coaching duties until the end of the school year and will retire from teaching at the end of this academic year.He is expected to return to his coaching job this summer. 

Fort Dodge Police make two arrests following Saturday morning incident
Posted: Jan 19 2015 by ppowers

 Fort Dodge Police responded to the report of a fight at 318 Avenue M West at about 1:28 a.m. Saturday morning. A caller told a police dispatcher that they heard a gun shot. Officers responded to the address and while enroute,the caller described the person with the gun and stated they got into a 4 door Jeep vehicle. The officers that were responding saw a vehicle matching the description leaving the area as they arrived. Police stopped the vehicle and were able to locate the suspect and a handgun The handgun was reported stolen from Webster City. Police further stated that one shot had been fired into the residence by a second suspect during the altercation. The residence was occupied at the time with no injuries reported.Two individuals were arrested as a result of the incident. 20 year old Teyvon Lamont Lewis of Fort Dodge was charged with Intimidation with a Dangerous Weapon, Possession of Stolen Property/Theft in the Third Degree and Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree.  Lewis was booked into the Webster County Jail on the charges filed against him. A second suspect, a juvenile was also arrested and taken to the Central Iowa Detention Center for Possession of Stolen Property/ Theft in the Third Degree and Reckless Use of a Firearm. The incident remains under investigation by Fort Dodge Police.

Wright County Supervisors to meet Monday morning.
Posted: Jan 16 2015 by ppowers

 The Wright County Board of Supervisors will meet Monday morning at 9:00 at the supervisors room in Clarion. Wright County Engineer Adam Clemons will present the final plans on the 150th Street paving project between the city of Belmond and Wright County. The board will approve and sign the ISAC (Iowa State Association of Counties) Wellness Program Agreement. Duane Asbe and Denny Bowman will give an update on the charitable foundation at Monday's meeting. A budget update will be presented by the Veteran Affairs Director. Jan Libby with Healthy Harvest will give an update on her program. Wright County Maintenance Director Andy Yackle and an architect will discuss a plan design for remodeling the courtroom. The Wright County Supervisors will have updates on meetings with Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Central Iowa Juvenile Detention and ISAC new officer training. Budget meetings with county department heads will be held Monday afternoon from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m.

Webster City City Council to meet Monday evening.
Posted: Jan 16 2015 by ppowers

 The Webster City City Council will meet Monday afternoon at 5:15 at city hall for the regular meeting. The agenda will include a resolution accepting and approving the Minor Subdivision Plat of JBS Addition to Hamilton County. The obtaining of bids to purchase a Grit Pump and a Grit Classifier for the Water Treatment Plant will be presented to the council.In other matters the council will consider a purchase an Eventide System which is a communication recording system for the Webster City Police Department. A motion of a Tax Increment Financing request from a developer for a commercial business. There will be a request to purchase LED Street Light materials for Superior Street from Kriz-Davis in the amount of $76,009 for the project. The council will discuss the new Brewer Creek Fifth Housing Addition development project. A public hearing will be held at 5:30 Monday on the proposed plans and specifications,form of contract and estimated cost for the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project. The Webster City City will meet in a closed session at 4:45 p.m. to evaluate the professional competency of an individual. The Fair Housing Board of Webster City will meet at 5:10 p.m. to elect a chairperson and vice-chairperson.

Hamilton County Solid Waste Commission votes to increase the fees for tires delivered to the county landfill.
Posted: Jan 15 2015 by ppowers

 The Hamilton County Solid Waste Commission voted Wednesday evening to increase the fees for tires delivered to the county landfill near Kamrar. Semi tires without a rim will be at $10. Semi tires with a rim will be $15. Rear tractor tires up to 38 inches will increase to $18. Rear tractor tires over 38 inches will cost $35. 

Jerry Kloberdanz of Webster City was elected chairperson of the Hamilton County Solid Waste Commission for 2015. Lendall Mechaelsen as vice chairperson. Cherie Ferguson as secretary treasurer.  Dale Graham and Troy Hassebrock will be the Hamilton County representatives to the North Central Iowa Regional Solid Waste Agency Executive Board. Alternates to the agency board will be Lendall Mechaelsen and Wes Sweedler.

Hagie Manufacturing honored with CropLife IRON Product of the Year.
Posted: Jan 15 2015 by ppowers

 Officials with Hagie Manufacturing in Clarion have announced that the STS Application Series has been selected as the 2014 CropLife IRON Product of the Year. The award was presented to Hagie representatives at the American Seed Trade Association show held recently in Chicago. Crop Life Editor Eric Sfiligoj started the Product of the Year award to acknowledge the best prodct of the year in ag retail equipment. He stated that no product has come close to receiving the overwhelming number of votes from readers as Hagie did this year. The readers of CropLife IRON annually select five products introduced during the current calendar year that they considered "the best of the best". Readers vote for one month on their favorite among the five nominees to determine which product was the year's best. For 2014, Hagie Manufacturing's STS Series self propelled sprayer was selected as the best of the year by almost  64 percent of the Crop Life IRON  readers who voted out of a total of just under 2,000 votes cast. The STS Series features a new drive system, cab design, engine and solution system for optimal efficiency, safety and performance. In addition, Hagie Manufacturing's  High Speed Toolbar, Cover Crop Interseeder and STS with Tracks have been named recipients of AE50  awards deemed to be one of the year's most innovative designs in engineering products for the food and agriculture industries.

Stratford City Council make appointments at their meeting.
Posted: Jan 15 2015 by ppowers

 The Stratford City Council made appointments to boards and commissions this week.Rick Woodard was named mayor pro tem for 2015. Stratford City Manager Rachel Cahill was named Hamilton County S.E.E.D. Board representative. Larry Runyan was appointed as a board member and Chase Haman as alternate member to the North Central Iowa Regional Solid Waste Agency. Cahill was also named to serve as a board member for the Iowa Agency for Municipal Wind. Travis Sonksen was named board member and Mark Scott as alternate for the Squaw Creek Watershed Management Authority. The Stratford City Council approved the Certificate of Completion for Iowa Homeland Security Emergency Management Division Sanitary Sewer Strengthening Project and to pay out the $15,449 retainage to Spray Corn Utilities thirty days later on February 13,2015. A budget workshop for the 2015 fiscal year will be held in the Stratford City Hall on February 9 at 6:00 p.m. Several resolutions were approved by the Statford council at this week's meeting. They included the payment of certain types of expenditures prior to council approval, delinquent utility bill procedures, naming depositories and signators for city funds, a policy for snow removal of South Marion and Oakwood Cemeteries and on policies on access to customer's utility records. Stratford city manager Rachel Cahill informed the council that Hamilton County S.E.E.D.  hired a firm to do a series of Community Imaging Workshiops which will involve the S.E.E.D. board and the communities of Ellsworth,Jewell, Stanhope and Stratford. Each community  will have their own workshop which will involve the municipal and development leaders, business owners,young professionals and others interested in developing a community image for Stratford.

Stanhope City Council make appointments for 2015.
Posted: Jan 15 2015 by ppowers

 At their meeting Tuesday evening the Stanhope City Council made appointments for 2015. Nick Mitchell was appointed EMT director for the community. Mike Hanson was named Fire Chief, Gary Baker as assistant Fire Chief, Greg Smith as Captain and David Read as Secretary. The Stanhope City Council set March 10 at 6:30 p.m. for a public hearing on the 2015-16 operating budget. A resolution authorizing the continued participation and cooperation in the National Flood Insurance Progam for the city of Stanhope was approved. There was also the approval of a resolution authorizing the submission of an Enhance Hamilton County Foundation grant application for improvements on Parker Street in Stanhope.

No objections raised in early start date for South Hamilton Schools.
Posted: Jan 14 2015 by ppowers

 At a public hearing held Monday evening, the South Hamilton Community School Board heard no objections for an early start date for the 2015-16 school year. Superintendent Ken Howard recommended to board members to start early if possible before August 19 but to coordinate with college classes starting the week of August 25. The board also met with Paul Skartvedt of the South Hamilton Foundation on the landscape project. Foundation officials requested that the district become a partner in the project and possibly afford Physical Plant Equipment Levy(PPEL) funds so that the project can become a reality. The South Hamilton board voted to approve up to $17,000 in PPEL expenditures in support of the landscape and fundraising project this year.

There was a presentation by Mark Thiessen of Angelo Architectural Associates on the facilities update project. There has been progress made in recent months on the improvements. The school board discussed the steps that the district should take as plans are developed and preparation occurs for possible funding and bonding avenues. Superintendent Howard will be contacting  Piper Jaffary representatives to explore financing scenarios prior to the February board meeting.

South Hamilton Building and Grounds director Curt Stoecker informed the board on the progress being made on projects including the middle/high school front of the building lighting, the superintendent's house and the research on the substantial increase in heating costs during the 2013-14 calendar year. The report showed a $30,000 increase in the costs of heating due to the spike in propane/heating fuel prices last year. This substantial escalation in costs was not anticipated during budget preparation last year. The spike caused an unforeseen blow to the school district's general fund.

In other matters, South Hamilton Superintendent Ken Howard informed the board about the preparations for the site visit this winter by the Iowa Department of Education. The district will be reviewing the potential of bringing back some programming that was reduced in past years but this process and any recommendations will hinge upon the budget findings in the coming months. A number of South Hamilton staff members spent one of the winter break days touring other facilities in order to garner ideas for the South Hamilton facilties vision. 

In personnel issues, the South Hamilton board accepted the early retirement  request of bus driver Roger Barkema at the end of the school year.The resignation of Cindy Holmes as head varsity volleyball coach was accepted. The board tabled action on the resignation request of assistant varsity volleyball coach Amy Klemp requestion more information on the resignation. A one year contract for Staci Winborn as elementary special education instructor was approved. The board also approved a contract for Harry McMaken as assistant varsity softball coach for this season.

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