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Kendall Young Library Board updated on security camera project.
Posted: Feb 10 2016 by ppowers

 The Kendall Young Library Board of Trustees Tuesday evening received a progress report on the installation of security cameras in the library. Director Angie Martin Schwarze said the work is nearing its completion of the installation of the cameras across the building and the parking lot. The work on the project began in late December. Board members spent their meeting time reviewing  investments for the library with no action taken. There was also a review of the library by-laws and personnel policy with some minor wording changes to both of them.

Director Martin Schwarze said the library is preparing for the annual Family Game Night set for February 19 from 5:30 until 8 p.m. Those attending will enjoy life-size games, board games, card games and more. There will be taco bags and cookies provided. The recent Festival of Chocolate drew over 200 people to the library on January 31 with over 40 chocolate treats served to the visitors. 200 middle and high school particiated in the Teen Lounge program in January while 225 elementary school students participated in the different programs such as Science Club, Pre-School Storytime, Crafty Readers and Saturday morning movies.

Renovation for the court room in Clarion to begin in December.
Posted: Feb 10 2016 by ppowers

 Renovation work on the Wright County Courthouse court room is slated to begin this December. At a meeting on Tuesday morning, the Wright County Board of Supervisors met with building and grounds director Andy Yackle on the renovation plans and funding sources for the project. Yackle told the supervisors that he has obtained $94,000 in grant money for the renovation. The supervisors committed $300,000 to renovate the court room. After much discussion, the board voted to reduce... the amount to $150,000. Wright County Supervisor chairman Stan Watne said there are plans for a Capital Campaign project asking Wright County residents and businesses for their financial support. There will be more information coming on how residents can make a contribution.
A new Wright County Veterans Affairs Commissioner was appointed by the supervisors. Dennis Mraz of Clarion was appointed as he takes over for retiring commissioner Dean Kluss of Woolstock. Eric Rector was appointed as Wright County Weed Commissioner.
Thr Wright County supervisors set March 7 at 10:00 a.m. for a public hearing on the 2016-17 county budget. The budget was finalized Tuesday morning. The joint drainage meeting with Humboldt County supervisors scheduled for Tuesday was postponed until next week.

Wilson denied post conviction relief.
Posted: Feb 09 2016 by ppowers

 The man accused in the death of a Clare woman fifteen years ago had his application for post conviction relief denied on Monday. Mark Wilson was found guilty in March,2010 of Murder in the First Degree, a class A felony for the 2001 death of Joni Manning. Wilson was also convicted of Theft in the Second Degree, a class D felon. On April 30,2010, Wilson was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole as required by Iowa law. In his post conviction relief action, Wilson's arguments primarily revolved around claims that his charging documents and indictments filed by the State of Iowa were defective and illegal or inconsistent with Iowa law and that his original trial counsel was ineffective. Wilson argued that his trial counsel failed to adequately question jurors and failed to rescind objectionable statements made by the prosecutor in closing. Wilson also raised issues that his appellate counsel was ineffective for raising the same issues on appeal. Webster County District Judge Kurt Wilke found each of Wilson's claims to be without merit. In denying the application for post conviction relief, the Court held that Wilson failed to prove his attorney's assistance at trial was ineffective or show that any of the State's charging documents were contrary to Iowa law. Wilson was represented in the post conviction relief action by Daniel Feistner. Assistant Iowa Attorney General Susan Krisko and Former Webster County Attorney Ricki L. Osborn prosecuted Wilson in the 2010 murder trial and Assistant Webster County Attorney Brad McIntyre represented the State of Iowa in the post-conviction relief action.

Hamilton County Board of Supervisors to meet Tuesday morning.
Posted: Feb 08 2016 by ppowers

 Another meeting of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors will be Tuesday morning at 9:00 in the supervisors board room. The board will discuss personnel matters in the secondary roads,sheriff,wellness and social service departments. A contract with IP Pathways will be reviewed. The board will set the date and time for the 2017 fiscal year budget hearing for March 8,2016. Resolutions for bank depositories will be reviewed. The revised Iowa Department of Transportation Fiscal Year 2016 Five Year Construction Program will be presented to the board plus other matters.

South Hamilton Community School Board to meet Monday evening in Jewell.
Posted: Feb 06 2016 by ppowers

 A meeting of the South Hamilton Community School Board will be this Monday,February 8 at 6:00 p.m. at the middle school high school board room in Jewell. The board will present a Hawk Friend of Education Award to Gene Greenfield at Monday's meeting. A discussion and approval of the 2016-17 school calendar will be on the agenda. Other items for discussion will include a look at the 2016-17 Modified Supplemental Amount Application for Dropout Prevention program, consider a fundraising request from Gaige Pickering, appoint two directors to serve on the Bargaining Ad Hoc Committee, and consider procedures of operation for district policies and procedures.The South Hamilton school board will receive update from principals Paul Hemphill and Scott Dryer and from superintendent Ken Howard.

Wright County Board of Supervisors to meet Monday morning.
Posted: Feb 05 2016 by ppowers

 The next meeting of the Wright County Board of Supervisors will be Monday morning at 9:00 in the supervisors' office in the Wright County Courthouse in Clarion. The board will be hearing reports from county engineer Adam Clemons, appoint a new Veterans Administration commissioner and weed commissioner. There will be a review of courthouse security renovation plans and funding sources. The Wright County Supervisors will set March 7,2016 as the date for the county budget hearing plus other matters.

Kendall Young Library Board to meet Tuesday evening.
Posted: Feb 05 2016 by ppowers

 The Kendall Young Library board of trustees will meet Tuesday evening at 6:30 in the downstairs meeting room of the library. The board will review the library's by-laws and personnel policy. There will be a look at goals and objectives for 2016. Kendall Young Library director Angie Martin Schwarze will present her report on library events. Richard Carlson of Farmer's National Company will present his report on the library farm plus other matters.

One person dead in Nevada fire this morning.
Posted: Feb 04 2016 by ppowers

 One person has died as the result of a fire early Thursday morning in Nevada. The fire happened at 875 West N Avenue at about 3:00 a.m. The name of the victim has not been released. There were no other injuries reported. Fire departments from Nevada, Colo and Cambridge were on the scene in extinguishing the flames. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Webster City Hot Lotto winner files lawsuit.
Posted: Feb 04 2016 by ppowers




A Webster City man, who claimed a $9 million Hot Lotto jackpot nearly five years ago, filed a lawsuit Wednesday claiming he deserved a much bigger prize.

In May of 2011, Larry Dawson won the first jackpot after a previous jackpot in the game was “rigged.” Attorney Jerry Crawford of Des Moines is representing Dawson.

“But for the rigging of the lottery by the lottery executive, our client would’ve won a cash value of $16 million, in total,” Crawford said. After taxes, Dawson collected $6 million in 2011.

Just a few months earlier, a $10 million cash value Hot Lotto jackpot was won. But, Eddie Tipton, a former executive with the Multi-State Lottery Association was recently convicted of fraud for “fixing” the game and trying to claim that prize.

Crawford believes that $10 million prize should go to Dawson. “The question that our lawsuit poses and that we think should be very easy to answer is if you can’t trust the lottery to pay you in full when you win, why should you ever play?” Crawford said.

After Tipton unsuccessfully attempted to redeem the ticket for the Hot Lotto prize and the redemption time expired, the $10 million was ruled to be an “unclaimed prize” and distributed back to the Iowa Lottery and other participating state lotteries.

Attorney Nick Mauro, who’s also representing Dawson, claims the Lottery broke its own rules. “The money that we’re talking about in this lawsuit was always intended and always earmarked to go to a jackpot winner,” Mauro said. “This money was never intended to go to the states’ general funds…or whatever the lottery does with its half of the profits. This was always intended to be jackpot money.”

Iowa Lottery officials issued a statement, saying “It is impossible to rewrite history. No one can know what would have occurred in this case had any event in it been changed. We believe that Mr. Dawson rightfully was paid the jackpot to which he was entitled.”

Crawford is surprised with the response. “We know our client won. We know their executive rigged the game. I’m a little surprised they want to be on that side instead of our side, to be honest,” Crawford said.

Crawford and Mauro spoke with reporters this afternoon in their law firm’s office in downtown Des Moines. Larry Dawson did not attend the news conference.

“He and his wife are not the kind of people who are looking for any limelight or attention. They could have been here, but they prefer not to be,” Crawford said. Crawford noted Larry and Kathy Dawson have donated a lot of their winnings to charity and they should not be viewed as “greedy” for filing the lawsuit.

“But, they also think that if somebody plays the lottery…you know, the odds aren’t exactly what we call ‘great’ to win the lottery and if you actually win, you should get your prize,” Crawford said.

The lawsuit was filed against the Iowa Lottery Authority and the Multi-State Lottery Association (MSLA). It’s the first in what could be several lawsuits filed by players claiming they were ripped off by games allegedly rigged by Eddie Tipton. The former security director of the MSLA is also accused of rigging jackpots in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma

No injuries in Monday afternoon fire south of Webster City.
Posted: Feb 02 2016 by ppowers

 Two Hamilton County fire departments responded to a house fire four miles south of Webster City Monday afternoon.The fire was reported at 2740 Inkpaduta Avenue. The Webster City and Kamrar fire departments battled the flames through the afternoon. The fire was confined to the upstairs residence of the home. There were no injuries reported. Cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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