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Mary Harris and Jaime Roelfs with award

Mary Harris Bob Ketchum and Kathi Black at ICCC job fair

Mary Jaime Twins

Pat Powers being sang to on Valentines Day by WCHS

Pat Powers on Valentines Day

Pat Powers with Cub Scouts tour

Rhonda Sonja Twins

Rhonda vaughn helping auction block customers

Rhonda, Sonja and Jaime having fun at the parade

Sheldon and Brad Sportscasters

Sheldon Ploger and Brad Tharp on morning show with Woody

Sonja and Tracy at Stonridge Townhomes live broadcast

Sonja doing a live broadcast with Tracy at Stoneridge Townhomes

Sonja Jaime Twins

Special guests for the Windsor Manor Wellness show

Spinning at the IA Lottery Doc Stop broadcast

St Thomas giving back to UDMO

St Thomas kids and Q ladies for Zero to 5 Drive

Tammy Logan and Woody at live broadcast

Waiting to spin the IA Lottery wheel

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