Program Schedule

Monday through Friday
5:00a ABC Headline News
5:05a Local News Headlines
5:15a Q95 Weather
5:20a State News Headlines
5:23a Funeral Announcements
5:25a Radio Iowa Sports
5:28a Local Sports Headlines
5:35a World Market Reports
5:40a Recap of Local News Headlines
5:45a Q95 Weather
5:50a Brownfield Commentary
5:53a School Lunch Menus
5:57a Brownfield Network Previous Days Closing Market Report
6:00a ABC Headline News
6:03a Local News Headlines
6:13a Funeral Announcements
6:15a  Q95 Weather
6:20a Job Search
6:25a Community Announcements
6:30a  Q95’s Morning Show through 10:00a
7:00a ABC Headline News
7:03a State News Headlines
7:05a Local News Headlines
7:12a  Q95 Weather
7:15a School Lunch Menus
7:20a Q95 Morning Show continues
7:25a Northeast Hamilton News
7:40a Birthdays & Anniversaries
7:45a Clarion News
7:55a Eagle Grove News
8:00a ABC Headline News
8:03a Local News Headlines
8:13a Q95 Weather
8:15a Community Announcements
8:20a  Q95 Morning Show continues
8:50a  Q95 Weather
9:00a ABC Headline News
9:04a  Q95 Morning Show continues
10:00a ABC Headline News
10:04a Trading Post
11:00a ABC Headline News
12:00p ABC Headline News
12:03p Local News Headlines
12:20p State News Headlines
12:30p Q95 Weather
12:35p Ag & Investments Market Report
12:40p Grain Market Report
12:43p Funeral Announcements
12:45p Job Search
12:50p Sports Headlines
12:55p Q95 Weather
1:00p ABC Headline News
1:04p  Q95 Afternoon Show
1:20p  Q95 Weather
1:50p Q95 Weather
2:00p ABC Headline News
2:04p Q95 Afternoon Show Hour 2
2:20p Q95 Weather
2:50p Q95 Weather
3:00p ABC Headline News
3:04p Q95 Afternoon Show Hour 3
3:20p Q95 Weather
3:50p Q95 Weather
4:00p ABC Headline News
4:04p Q95 Afternoon Show Hour 4
4:20p Q95 Weather
4:50p Q95 Weather
5:00p ABC Headline News
5:03p Local News Headlines
5:13p State News Headlines
5:20p Q95 Weather
5:22p Job Search
5:25p Community Announcements
5:30p Q95 Evening Show
5:50p Q95 Weather
6:00p ABC Headline News
6:00p In The Driver’s Seat Race Show (Race Season Only)
6:04p Q95 Evening Show
6:30p Iowa State Coach’s Show (Monday Night Only)
6:40p Q95 Weather
7:00p ABC Headline News
7:04p Q95 Evening Show
7:40p Q95 Weather
8:00p ABC Headline News
8:04p Q95 Evening Show
8:40p Q95 Weather
9:00p ABC Headline News
9:04p Q95 Evening Show
9:40p Q95 Weather
10:00p ABC Headline News
10:04p Q95 Evening Show
10:40p FQ95 Weather
11:00p ABC Headline News
11:04p Q95 Evening Show
11:40p Q95 Weather
12:00a – 5:00a Q95 Overnight

Wednesday ONLY Programming
8:00a Real Estate with Gina
8:30a Focus on Health show from Van Diest Medical Center
9:00a Bradford Financial News & Investment Hour

Saturday ONLY Programming
7:00a The Week In Review News Headlines

Sunday ONLY Programming
7:00a Victory Christian Fellowship Service
8:03a Story City, The City With A Story To Tell Service
8:30a Moments @ Calvary – Calvary Baptist Church
9:00a Eagle Grove Evangelical Church Service (LIVE)
10:00a St. Paul Lutheran Church Service
11:00a The Lutheran Hour
11:30a Community Church of Kamrar Service
12:30p Focus on Health-Van Diest Medical Center (Replay)
1:00p Bradford Financial News & Investment Hour (Replay)