Why Advertise on KQWC / KZWC Radio??

  • It’s free to the listener!
  • Radio is sticky! It sticks in your mind with repetition and frequency.
  • It’s a cost effective medium.
  • Radio commercials provide subliminal messages in between programs or music.
  • It’s controlled word of mouth and controls how your message gets across.
  • You’re always on the front page with radio!
  • Radio sells intimacy and feelings.
  • Radio comes standard in cars, trucks, and SUVs so it’s always available to those who drive.
  • You can’t DVR radio and fast forward or skip commercials.
  • KQWC / KZWC Radio tailors to everything in Webster City and it’s surrounding communities.




5 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make With Radio Advertisements

  • No call to action!

    Most business make this mistake because  they are casting their fishing line out, but not hooking the fish. If you hear an ad that talks about ABC Company and how nice their staff are… that’s great. However, did you include the limited sale that you have going on that’s ending in a few hours? Did you include that the first 20 people in your store every Monday are put into a monthly drawing for a prize? Call to action gives the listener a sense of emergency that they need to come to your business.


  • Their commercial fails to make them distinct from their competition.

    What separates you from your competition? Why should the listener buy from your business and not your competitor down the street? Your commercial needs to make your business unique enough that people will call you first.


  • Repetition & Frequency!

    Need we say more? Repetition and frequency sells. If you hear a commercial once, you might think … ”hey, that’s a cute commercial.” If you hear a commercial over and over again, it will be the first thing you think of when you need that type of business. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself singing their jingle at very odd times without thinking about it. Not giving your commercial enough frequency and repetition  can make it ineffective. We recommend at least 6 months of consistent advertisement.


  • Giving complicated phone numbers or websites.

    Your phone number or website needs to be something that can easily be remembered. Don’t give your phone number out if it isn’t easy. Instead, purchase an easily remembered URL and link it to your webite (if you’re website isn’t already easy to remember). If you can’t do either, don’t list either in your commercial. Listeners will search you on the Internet if you’re commercial is well put together.


  • Commercial is boring/too many concepts at once.

    Spice your commercial up a little and think outside the box. People like creative commercials. Keep your audience entertained with your commercial. If a commercial just lists all the features of your store, the listener will be lost after 3-5 seconds. However, if you use background sound effects or excitement to enhance your commercial, the listener will pay attention. It’s O.K. to be different. Have a commercial that isn’t like everyone else’s. Also, use one concept per commercial. Don’t try to fit too many ideas into one :30 second spot. If it’s watered down, it won’t stick in the listener’s head.


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