Financial Literacy Council accepting donations for its program.

The Financial Literacy Council of Greater Hamilton County announced today the nonprofit is accepting donations from the community to support its mission of financial literacy and access for every Hamilton County student.
The Council is a nonprofit that promotes financial knowledge and skills while also improving access to financial services for Hamilton County residents. Through the Availa Kares College Savings Program, established in 2018, every student enrolled in a Hamilton County school in kindergarten, first, second, and third grades is eligible to be enrolled in a College Savings Account with an initial balance of $100.
Thus far, the Council has been supported by donations and grants from the Hamilton County Supervisors and the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation. As the nonprofit begins to reach larger numbers of students, additional financial support and sponsorships from community businesses and individuals will be instrumental in continuing their mission.
“We know that students are three times more likely to attend college if they have college savings of $1 to $400,” said Rick Young, president of the Council. “While we are extremely grateful for the community support we’ve received, we’re excited at the prospect of being able to bring more students into the program and increasing the savings accounts of those already enrolled.”
The Council also plans to add programs to allow for students to reach a variety of goals in order to receive additional deposits into his or her College Savings Account.
Sponsorships are available at the following levels:
Platinum: $1,000 +
Gold: $500-$999
Silver $200-$499
Bronze $50-$199
Those interested in sending a tax-deductible contribution to the Financial Literacy Council of Greater Hamilton County should contact the Council Development Director Ashley Hunt at
Students are eligible for enrollment in the Availa Kares College Savings Account program if they were enrolled in kindergarten through third grade in 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021. To enroll, contact Ashley Hunt at