Helgevold and Rasmussen win re-election for Wright County Supervisor in Tuesday election.

Wright County voters on Tuesday re-elected two incumbent county supervisors. In unofficial returns, District 1 supervisor Republican Rick Rasmussen received 3, 317 votes with his Democratic challenger Jason Wessels received 2,719 votes. Republican Karl Helgevold was re-elected to his District 3 seat as he received 3,291 votes. Challenger Democratic candidate Mike Boyd received 2,580 votes.
Terry Baxter won Wright County as the Republic State Representative in House District 8 received 4,127 votes while his Democratic opponent Glenn Kiss received 1,575. Dennis Guth was unopposed for State Senate District 4 as he garnered 4,806 votes.
Republican Randy Feenstra won Wright County for U.S. House District 4 with 3,854 votes and Democrat J.D. Scholten with 2,063.
In the race for the U.S. Senate, Joni Ernst won re-election in Wright County with 3,889 votes and Democrat Theresa Greenfield with 2,062.
Donald Trump was the top vote getter in Wright County on Tuesday with 4,135 votes and challenger Joe Biden with 1,995.
Betty Ellis was unopposed for Wright County Auditor with 5,356 votes and Sheriff Jason Schluttenhofer with 5,466.
A total 6,305 ballots were cast from Wright County voters out of 8,261 registered voters in Tuesday’s election. The canvas of the ballots will be held at a later date.