Taking a closer look at ABC’s new ‘Genetic Detective’, CeCe Moore

ABC(NEW YORK) — Tonight on ABC, the true crime show The Genetic Detective debuts at 10 p.m. ET. In the program, investigative genealogist CeCe Moore uses her DNA research skills to bring criminals to justice. 

“It really started for me just as a hobby,” Moore explains. “Actually, there was no such thing as a professional genetic genealogist….And so I just jumped in with both feet and learned by doing so.”

“I don’t have a science degree,” she notes. “I’m self-taught in all of this, but I was really fortunate that it was very early in the field when I became interested and I had the ability to commit a lot of time to learning.”

Moore’s work helping people track down their birth parents led to her work with law enforcement, but she says she didn’t take that step until she was confident that ethical issues of dealing with people’s most sensitive information were satisfied.

“Who wouldn’t want to help stop a serial killer? Bring answers to these families and victims that have waited for years and decades?” Moore asked rhetorically.

“So almost exactly two years ago, I finally felt that I could responsibly move forward. And I’ve been able to help solve a case a week on average — so hundred and ten cases across the country now.”  

Tonight’s installment shows Moore working with Seattle’s Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office on the double homicide of a young couple who disappeared in 1987.

By Stephen Iervolino
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