Camila Cabello shows off comedic chops in crazy new video for “Liar”

Epic RecordsCamila Cabello‘s outrageous new video for “Liar” lets the singer show off her comic timing and acting talents, as she plays the part of a woman trapped, Inception-style, in a dream within a dream struggling to find true love.

First, we see Camila in an outdoor cafe with her fiance, a rich jerk who she hates.  However, she can’t seem to tell him the truth, because every time she stops lying and says how she really feels, something bad happens — for example, an elephant drops out of the sky and crushes her, or she gets attacked by drones.  But it’s all part of a dream, and she keeps on waking up screaming, in bed with the jerk in his mansion.

After several repetitions of this scene, Camila loses her mind and burns the jerk’s mansion down.  She’s put into a straitjacket and hooked up to a polygraph machine, which shows the truth: She doesn’t love the jerk — she loves the busboy in the outdoor cafe, who’s slipped her a note revealing his feelings.

Finally, Camila wakes up in a regular bedroom, alone, as a cartoon bird alights on her finger, Cinderella-style.  As she sighs with relief, she turns on the TV, and sees a report on a gossip show that she’s dumped the rich jerk for the busboy. 

By the way, the gossip show, Tea Time, is hosted by three women, and one of them, La Flaca — which means “the skinny one” in Spanish — is hilariously portrayed by a heavily disguised Camila.

“Liar” is from Camila’s upcoming album Romance.  So far, there’s no release date, but on the gossip show, there’s a date onscreen that very prominently says December 6, and then switches to December 7. Hmmm.

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