Shawn Mendes gets new tattoo suggested by a fan

ABC/Lou RoccoSure, any artist can take a request for a song — but how many will take a request for a tattoo?

As E! Online reports, last week, a fan posted a photo of Shawn with a butterfly tattoo edited onto his arm.   Shawn saw the tweet and replied, “Wait this is awesome, can u DM the drawing??”

The fan then shared screenshots of Shawn messaging her, asking her how she managed to put the tattoo on his arm. He requested the artwork as well, which she sent him, along with the name of the artist who’d created the butterfly drawing she’d used for the photo.

Then on Friday during his show in Kansas City, Shawn said he might get the tattoo within a week.  By Sunday, he’d posted a photo on his Instagram Story of his tattoo artist inking the artwork onto his arm. 

The deliriously happy fan then posted a photo of Shawn with his new tattoo.

“Who would’ve thought that me messing around and editing a tattoo onto him would turn into a reality??? no words,” she wrote.

The artist who designed the butterfly drawing is pretty happy as well. The fan posted a screenshot of a conversation in which he wrote, “Are you the girl who edited the photo with my design? Thank you very much seriously!”

Despite the new tat, Shawn still seems to have a lot of room left on his arms…so send in your requests.

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