SHAED reveals inspiration for “Trampoline” as it bounces up the pop charts

Shervin LainezSHAED‘s single “Trampoline” topped Billboard‘s Alternative Songs chart, and now it’s climbing Billboard‘s Adult Pop Songs chart. Speaking to ABC Radio, the trio — vocalist Chelsea Lee and multi-instrumentalist brothers Max and Spencer Ernst — reveals that the inspiration for the song was an actual, real-life trampoline.

“We were watching home videos one day, and there was actually a video of my brother and I — we’re twin brothers — we were two years old, we were just jumping on a trampoline,” Max explains.

“The video had become distorted over time, so it was like this really trippy kind of scene of Spence and I jumping on this trampoline,” he continues. “And that…got the wheels turning for the song.”

The rest of the “Trampoline” lyrics, Chelsea recalls, were inspired by the scene outside the Washington, D.C. home all three band members share.

“We have a studio in our house, and it’s the biggest room in the house, and it has a great big window — we have a really nice front yard,” Chelsea explains. “So we were trying to think about lyrics, and we were looking outside and soaking in the nature that we had outside the window: the trees, the leaves were falling.”

“I think we kind of pulled from that,” she adds.

While listening to “Trampoline” is a dreamy experience, SHAED found out the hard way that jumping on trampolines as adults isn’t as enjoyable.

“For the music video, we brought in a full-sized trampoline into the studio, and Max and I were doing flips on the trampoline,” Spencer says. “I hadn’t done a flip on a trampoline in, like, 10 years or something, and I definitely tweaked my back a little bit.”

“Trampoline” appears on SHAED’s 2018 EP MELT.

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