Ellie Goulding on her wedding plans, & her latest hit’s “magic something”

Walt Disney Television/Paula Lobo

After taking a brief hiatus from music, Ellie Goulding returned with “Close to Me,” a collaboration with Diplo featuring Swae Lee.  It’s since become a huge hit, topping Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs chart and reaching number two on the Mainstream Top 40 chart. 

Ellie says she had a feeling there was something special about the song.

“‘Close to Me’ came quite easy,” she told ABC Radio after performing in New York’s Central Park on Friday as part of Good Morning America‘s Summer Concert series.

“It started off as kind of joke, which a lot of songs do, y’know, you just mess around and just experiment. And then it turned into a song, and actually just had something about it.”

Ellie explains, “I think with songs, you just get this feeling…you know something might be technically sounding really good or it might sound current, but that if it hasn’t got that magic….I feel like ‘Close to Me’ just had that kind of magic something.”

“Close to Me” took months and months to climb to the top of the chart, but Ellie says she was fine with that.

“I love that idea because it means that it changed something, and it was different…it was a different thing to be on the radio,” she tells ABC Radio.

In addition to “Close to Me’s” success, Ellie has something else to celebrate: She got engaged last August to her boyfriend, Caspar Jopling, and wedding plans are underway.

Yeah it’s coming! It’s this year, so I’m gonna be a married woman soon, which is quite scary,” she laughs. “But you know it’s all very natural….I feel like it’s all in the right place, and it’s great! Feeling good!”

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