Ed Sheeran stars in actual Heinz Ketchup commercial, based on his idea

Courtesy Kraft Heinz First, Ed Sheeran reached out to Heinz online to tell them he had a great idea for a Heinz Ketchup commercial.  Then, he and Heinz teamed up to release his very own “Edchup,” which quickly sold out.  Now, Ed’s idea, which started the whole thing, has finally become a reality.

The ad starts with the words, “Based on a real DM from Ed Sheeran.”  Ed narrates the commercial, which shows him going to a “super-posh” restaurant, where he sits down and the waiter offers him lots of fancy-schmancy food.

When the food arrives, Ed describes how the waiter starts extolling the restaurant’s “farm-to-table blah blah blah, posh and fancy blah blah blah, with a side of blah blah blah.”

“Y’know, the food looked good,” Ed continues. “I just thought there was something missing. So I reach into my bag and I take out the only thing that can complete me. And at that point, the whole world came to a stop.”

We see Ed pulling out a bottle of Heinz, as everyone in the restaurant, including the waiter, freezes and looks on with horror as he proceeds to douse the fancy-schmancy food with ketchup.

“The waiter was screaming through his eyes, ‘Nooooo!'”  Ed concludes. “So that’s my idea. Wanna do it?”

In the comments section, it says, “Heinz Tomato Ketchup superfan Ed Sheeran, came to us with a great idea for a Heinz Advert based on his own experience. We were thrilled to make it happen. From one super fan to another. It has to be Ed Sheeran and Heinz.”

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