“Be Alright”: Dean Lewis on why fans are connecting to “that song about the phone”

Matt Jelonek/WireImage“Be Alright,” by Australian singer/songwriter Dean Lewis, has become his breakthrough hit in the U.S. The song is partially based on what Dean’s brother told him after he and his girlfriend broke up — but it’s also about a number of people who are complete strangers to him.

“Some of the people that it was about were people that I never even knew,” Dean tells ABC Radio. “Like…there’s one part of the song where I talk about cigarettes, and it was this story that my friend told me. And I just always thought, ‘That was crazy, I’m gonna use that in a song one day!'”

“So some of the things are…about girls I’ve never even met and people that I’ve never met, so I kind of combined all these stories together,” he adds.

The fact that the song combines so many different people’s experiences may be the reason why fans can relate to it.  Dean says they tell him that it makes them feel better after their own breakups, which is something he never considered while he was writing it.

“You don’t set out to go like, ‘I’m gonna write a song and I’m gonna say something for people,'” he explains. “I just wanna write something that’s good, and for me, that’s sort of real. But I’m getting lots of messages from people saying, ‘Yeah, it’s helping me.'”

But Dean admits that he knew people would embrace “Be Alright.”

“I always knew the song was sort of special because I was playing it for a year before I put it out, and people would come up to me afterwards and say, ‘That song about the phone? You should release that,'” he recalls.

“So it connected straightaway, even before it was released.”

Dean’s U.S. tour kicks off February 12.

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