Ariana Grande confirms she’ll release new album before the end of the year

Dave Meyers/Republic RecordsWhile Ariana Grande has been teasing new music by posting photos of herself in the recording studio, she’s never actually come out and confirmed that she’s making another album — until now.

A paparazzi photographer posted video on his Instagram of himself asking Ariana, who was walking down the street in New York City with fiancé Pete Davidson, “Are we getting another album before the end of the year?”

Ariana replied, “Yes!” to which the photographer responded, “I’m excited!”  And Ari responded, “Me too!”

Meanwhile, Ariana has released a video for her song “Breathin,” but it’s simply footage of her adorable pet pig, Piggy Smallz, walking around.  Monday, she referred to Piggy as “an emotional support pig,” adding, “I need her!”

Most fans believe Ariana released the Piggy video as a joke and plans to shoot an actual video for “Breathin” in the future. On Monday, she told a fan who asked about a video for the song, “i……need to shoot one. don’t kill me i took some time off bc i was real sad and we didn’t expect the record to pop off like this. i love u. don’t kill me pls. i’m on it. promise.”

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