Watch now: Camila Cabello is haunted by her ex in video for “Consequences”

ABC/Image Group LAFollowing her elegant performance at the American Music Awards Tuesday night, Camila Cabello has released the music video for the orchestra version of her ballad “Consequences.”

Camila strolls through a park in the video and is haunted by visions of her ex, played by Dylan Sprouse. As the seasons change, we see the visions of their relationship go from loving to volatile.

At one point, Camila embraces the ghostly version of her ex and the two float off the ground. But when they land, he disappears and Camila is left sitting on a park bench with the past version of herself. When the old version of her disappears, she gets up and walks away as the season turns to spring.

Camila and the video’s director, Dave Meyers, co-wrote the concept together.

“My videos are pretty much what the inside of my brain looks like,” Camila explains on Twitter. “This is what it looked like in my brain while i was trying to move on. thank you @dylansprouse for being amazing and wanting to be in my video.”

Back in August, Camila and Dylan teased they were working on a secret project together. 

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