Lady Gaga’s “A Star Is Born” gets rave reviews following Venice Film Festival premiere

Neal Preston/Warner Bros.Critics have finally gotten a look at A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga’s big-screen debut, and they all agree that when it comes to Gaga’s performance, the movie’s title is an appropriate one.

The fan site Gaga Daily has rounded up a bunch of the reviews:

–The British paper The Guardian gave the film five out of five stars, and said that Gaga was “sensationally good,” and saying that her “ability to be part ordinary person, part extraterrestrial celebrity empress functions at the highest level at all times.”

–The British paper The Telegraph also gave the movie a five-star review, calling Gaga’s final musical number “knee-weaking.” 

–Variety calls Gaga’s debut “fetching and accomplished,” and writes of her director and co-star Bradley Cooper, “To say that he does a good job would be to understate his accomplishment.”

–The Wrap says Cooper and Gaga are “dynamite together,” adding, “Between Bradley Cooper (as a filmmaker) and Lady Gaga (as a big-screen lead), the [movie’s] title applies to both of them.”

Entertainment Weekly says that Gaga “deserves praise for her restrained, human-scale performance” and her “real-girl vulnerability.”

–Time says Gaga “delivers a knockout performance,” adding, “What’s surprising about Gaga is how charismatic she is without her usual extreme stage makeup, outlandish wigs and inventive costumes. It’s such a pleasure to look at her face, unadorned…it’s like discovering a new country.”

A Star Is Born hits theaters October 5.

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