Hope Springs……Eventually?

Well I’m back after a week on hiatus for an event that I was warned about well in advance of last week’s maelstrom. After witnessing the phenomenon that is the KQWC Auction Block I am comfortable having taken last week off from my new favorite venting tool.

Nonetheless I’m excited to get back to talking about each of the 3 or 4 things that I’m actually knowledgeable about. Besides that if I go more than a week without a post I’m liable to hear about it from my Uncle Chip back in MN who really just wants me to use the page to create a cheatsheet for the cardgame Sheepshead, which I’ve been trying to teach him to play since Christmas 2013.

So with all the customary excuses out of the way, I’m going to dive into a topic this week that will either ring true to you or annoy you to the point that this is the last sentence you read……….The Weather!

I’ve told you that I grew up in Minnesota and I’m sure everyone is thinking, “If there was ever a place a person would come from that wouldn’t mind a long winter, it’d be Minnesota.” Not so fast. I moved to the great state of Iowa not only for the tenderloins but for the summer weather that, contrary to Minnesota, is supposed to last longer than an extra innings baseball game. (Yes I have played baseball while its snowing) More importantly, I realized that I wasn’t moving to Dallas but I hoped that the winters window wouldn’t last as long as they do in Winterfell. (Wink and a nod to my GoT friends out there)

I moved to Webster City in the first days of December from Keokuk, a city which does appear to benefit from a slightly milder climate during the winter months. After four months people asked me what I thought of Webster City and my answer was almost instantaneous, “I think it’s going to be a blast in the summertime”.

Now I say most of this 100% jokingly and I also realize that this winter has been far more vicious and neverending, throughout the country, than a typical season. And most importantly, I sit here writing this in late April and the snow is completely gone and I even dusted off the golf clubs in anticipation of a round or two this week. Note, if you see me on the course, you’d be wise to invest in some protective gear as I’ve come up with a new shot that makes a slice look like a John Daly 6-iron. More on that in a moment.

The toughest thing about this winter however, has been the layoff between high school sports seasons. I was supremely spoiled by the local basketball and wrestling teams and for the better part of two months I’ve been without that adrenaline rush that I get when watching the local amateur athletes pursue their goals.

Several of the schools that I cover have had spring sports teams that got their seasons delayed by as much as 3 weeks. South Hamilton Boys Head Golf Coach Mark Ullestad finally messaged me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that they’re playing their next meet at Jewell Golf and Country Club regardless of whether there was some casual snow lingering on the course or not. Subsequently, there was.

Several of the local track teams got exactly one meet in to try and qualify runners and field event participants into the Drake Relays. I’ll have to delve further into America’s Athletic Classic in further depth in a future post as this is the first year I’ve had the opportunity to cover athletes taking part.

Needless to say it’s been a little bit of a tough spring for the local sports teams which have waited patiently to get going in what is already the most crammed season in Iowa high school sports. In a more recent conversation with Mark Ullestad I asked him if he was relieved that the golf team is now getting meets in regularly (5 in 9 days for the Hawks.) His answer was a simple affirmative with the caveat of, “But next week we’ll be into the conference meet”. Hey, just because winter was long doesn’t mean spring needs to go by in the blink of an eye!

Well now that I got my whining done I can close this message out on a strong note. Spring is here! Thus far Central Iowa looks like it will be a great place to spend the time sans a coat of white fun-repellant covering the ground. Heck it’s been two straight days now of ZERO spring sports cancellations.

Next it’s off to the golf course. Actually, I think I’ll start at the driving range. After all, I’m trying to make friends not enemies in the Hamilton County area and there’s no better way to tick people off then to hit into their foursome, especially when they’re in the fairway two holes over.


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