“We are now a trio”: will.i.am confirms Fergie’s no longer a Black Eyed Pea

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for i.am.angel FoundationWhile it’s been rumored that Fergie has left the Black Eyed Peas permanently, the group has never confirmed it…until now.

Speaking to the British paper The Daily Star, will said that Fergie wouldn’t appear on the group’s next album, adding, “We are now a trio. I don’t know why Fergie isn’t on the project. You’ll have to ask Fergie that.”

But when the Daily Star interviewer attempted to ask will about how the group would tour without Fergie, will snapped, “Y’know, we are actually capable of doing it without Fergie…We performed as a trio before and if you’d done your research properly you would know how we would do it as a three.”

There have been rumors in the past that former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger might replace Fergie in the group, but when asked if that might be possible now, will said that she’s already in the group…their chat group, that is.

“We have a chat group called Black Eyed Peas family. It has nothing to do with making music or money. It’s about friendship,” he explained. “It’s the three of us and Nicole. It’s about family. Nicole is Black Eyed Peas. She is family.”

will and the other Peas, Taboo and Apl.de.ap, recently released a new single called “Street Livin’.”  As for Fergie, her recent activities have included hosting the Fox reality series The Four, promoting her new solo album Double Dutchess and apologizing for her NBA All-Star Game national anthem performance.

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