Watch now: Fergie faces her demons in “A Little Work” video

Dutchess Music/BMGFergie learns how to step out of the darkness and into the light in the new “visual experience” for her song “A Little Work.”

The video, part of Fergie’s just-released visual album,, Double Dutchess, features the singer in various depictions of mental illness and personal struggle. It begins with a paranoid and disoriented Fergie stumbling into a church as she faces her demons, and ends with her leaving the church hand-in-hand with her son, Axl Jack.

“When everything around us starts to fall/We rise up again to the call/We’re all just a little bit broken/We’re all just a little bit hurt/We’ve all got wounds have opened/We all can use a little work,” she sings.

Between the different scenes, Fergie discusses her journey documentary-style. At the end, she muses on what she’s learned.  “When I honor my true self and I honor that part of me that is that magic, that’s when I am at that place that I can call happy,” she says.

She concludes, “I can feed that love outward, not only to friends and to my parents and to my sister, and now to my husband and to my little boy.”

While she calls Josh Duhamel her “husband” in the video, the two announced their split earlier this month.

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