Watch Now: Jason Derulo rises from the dead in violent new video for “If I’m Lucky”

Drew Dizzy GrahamJason Derulo’s new single “If I’m Lucky” is about the possibility of reuniting with a lover in the afterlife because things didn’t work out in this world.  In the song’s newly released video, Jason rises from the dead to find out exactly why things didn’t work out between him and his lady.

The clip starts with Jason and a woman lying on the ground, dead.  Then Jason gets up, and even though he’s covered with blood, he starts walking around and revisiting the circumstances that led to his and the woman’s deaths.  He sees himself meeting the woman in bar.  She’s obviously got a taste for danger: she forces him to stand against a dartboard while she throws knives at him.  Then, they move on to a motel for drinking and some sexy time.

Eventually, the two take up a life of crime, robbing huge amounts of cash and hiding out in the motel room.  But then, they rob the wrong guys: a group of dangerous looking biker dudes who come after them.  Jason and the girl grab the cash and escape the bikers, but when they run into a shed to hide, it explodes, killing them both.

The last shot of the video is the same as the first, with Jason and the girl are lying dead on the ground. At the last minute, he opens his eyes and they’re pale and weird-looking. It’s sort of how people look in Game of Thrones when they turn into White Walkers.

The video is billed as “Part 1,” so presumably, we’ll see what Zombie Jason gets up to in part two.

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