Lady Gaga’s “A Star Is Born” remake to arrive earlier than expected

Neal PrestonA Star is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Stefani Germanotta — better known as Lady Gaga — will be in theaters sooner than you think.

Variety reports that the film, originally scheduled to open September 28, 2018, will now arrive May 18, 2018.  It seems that Warner Bros., the studio releasing the film, feels that it has a good chance of competing with 2018’s slate of blockbuster summer movies, which are generally superhero films, action/adventures or animated flicks.

As previously reported, this is the fourth version of A Star Is Born: the original came out in 1937, and it was then remade in 1954 and again in 1976.  In this version, Cooper plays a country star named Jackson Maine, who discovers a talented young singer named Ally, played by Gaga.  Soon, Ally’s career begins to outshine his own, which causes problems with their romance.

Gaga has written and will perform original songs in the movie.  In the new Netflix documentary about the singer, Five Foot Two, you can actually see her discussing the fact that the studio has just given the project the green light.  The documentary is streaming now.

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