Nick Jonas explains his Coachella-inspired new song, “Find You”

Getty Images via ABCThe desert dance party vibes in Nick Jonas’ new “Find You” video make a lot more sense when you find out the inspiration behind the song.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday, Nick explains that the idea for the song came to him while at a rave at Coachella.

“I wrote this song, I was at Coachella…” Nick says. “I ended up at the rave tent for a few hours, dancing and having fun. And I went into the studio in the next couple of days and said, ‘What if I took a house beat, dance music approach, but did it to a pop song?'”

The “Find You” lyrics talk about searching for someone — seemingly, a love interest — so Ellen pressed him on who the song is about.

“It’s actually just as much about finding out who I am and being OK by myself first as it is about finding somebody,” Nick says.  Ellen, of course, wasn’t buying it.

No word yet on when Nick’s new album will arrive. He’s currently in Montreal filming a movie titled Chaos Walking.

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