David Cook talks “eerier, darker and moodier” new music and “bringing fans along for the ride”

Rob Thacker

David Cook‘s back with a new single, “Gimme Heartbreak,” from a new EP due this fall.  He’s playing it on his current tour, and says it’s a good indication of his new musical direction, which he describes as “eerier, darker, sexier and moodier.”

“It’s certainly a departure. It’s different than anything that I’ve done before, which is exciting for me,” the season seven American Idol champ tells ABC Radio. “It’s certainly nerve-wracking, [coming] out with something that feels this different, ‘cause…either the crowd’s gonna love it or they’re gonna hate it.”

He adds, “Knock on wood…so far, it seems like they like it!”

As for the rest of the EP, David says the songs feel “a little less bombastic..and eerier…darker…sexier and moodier and all that stuff…as much as I hate using the word ‘sexier!'”

Fans of David’s creative cover versions on American Idol will be interested to hear that the EP will feature a reworking of Phil Collins “Another Day In Paradise,” which he’s also been playing on tour.

David’s using PledgeMusic to fund the EP, and is offering fans who participate exclusive merchandise and experiences.  It’s his second time working with the website, and he says he likes being able to “bring fans and listeners along for the ride.”

“To have that kind of a fan base that really is just super-supportive, knows what we’re trying to do and is completely on board with being on the front lines and trying to help…that’s huge,” he says. “That’s what every artist wants. So I’m in a fortunate position.” 

Unfortunately, David has just been forced to postpone four shows because his doctor has ordered him to be on vocal rest.  The shows — in Richmond, Virginia; Raleigh, North Carolina; Charleston, South Carolina; and Asheville, North Carolina — will be rescheduled.

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