Lorde clarifies her comments: She loves Taylor, doesn’t like “squad” concept

John Shearer/Getty Images via ABCBefore you start crying over the idea that Lorde and Taylor Swift are no longer BFF’s, hold up.  Lorde took to Twitter on Friday to clarify a statement she made to the Australian TV show Sunrise, which many took to mean that she was no longer part of Taylor’s “squad.”

During the interview on Sunrise, Lorde talked about what it’s like to suddenly run in the same circles as your idols.  “The second you think too hard about it, you’ll just go insane,” she explained. Then, she added, “Also, I don’t hang out with these people at all.”

When the interviewer reminded her that she’s been identified as one of Taylor’s squad, Lorde said, “You know, you make friends in different places. But I think for the most part I’m not, like, calling my idols for advice necessarily.”

Now, on Twitter, Lorde writes, “In the interview in question, I had just been talking about [David] Bowie and Patti Smith — those were the ‘idols’ I was…saying I’m not friends with, not Taylor!”

She adds, “I’ve always found people’s perception of this ‘squad’ idea frustrating in the past…forgive me for the mild eyeroll I popped when it was brought up as if we’re all blood members of a secret cult.”

Lorde notes that it was “really s***y” to see the headlines speculating on “whether or not you’ve jumped ship on someone you deeply respect…I want to say one more time that Taylor has been there for me in all my dark and light moments of these past five years….I feel truly terrible that it would ever seem like I wasn’t faithfully her person.”

“I f***d up an interview question,” she concludes.  “Now go sip a beverage and head out on a walk.”

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