Ansel Elgort says his “Baby Driver” co-stars are so good, all he had to do was “breathe”

©2017 TriStar Pictures, Inc. and MRC II Distribution Company L.P. All Rights Reserved(LOS ANGELES) — The modestly-budgeted heist pic Baby Driver beat expectations over the weekend, taking in more than 21 million bucks.  By Wednesday, the movie had earned back its entire $36 million budget and is cruising along with a Rotten Tomatoes score that has yet to dip below 97%. 

The film from Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright stars Ansel Elgort as Baby, a getaway driver. He tells ABC Radio he knew the movie — which also stars Oscar-winners Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey, plus Jon Hamm, John Bernthal, and Lily James — would connect with people.

“You know [it’ll be a hit] when people are excited to see you, and they want to be supportive and they want to see the movie, and they say, ‘I really like the movie!'” he explains. “And you know when it’s like, ‘Dude. This movie is incredible…I’ve already seen it twice, and I wanna see it again!” 

Elgort has nothing but praise for his co-stars as well.

“This cast is insane,” he tells ABC Radio. “But here’s the thing about these guys: I show up to rehearsal the first day, I mean my heart’s pounding out of my chest, I’m so excited to work with Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey…and I’m not expecting them to be the nicest guys ever, because they’re big, big stars….But they were immediately the warmest, most generous guys I’ve ever worked with.”

“And you do scenes with them, it’s like, ‘Holy crap: I don’t even have to act!'” he laughs. “All I have to do is be there, open my eyes and breathe.” 

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