Expectant dad Andy Grammer talks new single, says he’s happy to have an album “and a human coming out”

Courtesy DPRAndy Grammer‘s new single “Give Love,” which is out today, is super-positive and upbeat — and according to Andy, that’s exactly the kind of song we all need these days.

“It’s like an emotional B-12 shot,” he tells ABC Radio. “You can’t really argue with the idea of giving love, and to take three minutes and change to just think about that in your life for a little bit…hopefully, it does some good for people.”

“Give Love,” featuring a rap by Lunchmoney Lewis, will be on Andy’s new album, due out this fall.  He says it was partly inspired by his late mother.

“She just filled me up with so much love that I feel like I walk around life with extra to give away because of how much she put into me,” he explains. “So me and the other co-writers, I think we captured that.”

As the lyrics of “Give Love” say, Andy wants to give love to everyone around him, but he’s saving most of it for the baby girl he and wife Aijia are expecting around July 25.

“Everything in my life feels new,” he gushes. “We had our baby shower, [and] you’re holding up little dresses that, apparently, a baby’s gonna be in and you’re like, ‘This is insanity!'”

“I’m so excited to be a dad,” he adds. “I don’t think there’s anything else that’s as important or as exciting right now. But…it’s kinda like a really fun time to have an album coming out — and have a human coming out!”

Tomorrow, Andy will perform at the 2017 Belmont Stakes Racing Festival in Elmont, New York.  He’ll perform a short set just before the Belmont Stakes, the third and final leg of the Triple Crown, then do a special post-race concert.