Rob Thomas Remembers His Summer on Tour with George Michael

Ben WattsAfter initially posting about his sadness over the passing of George Michael, Rob Thomas has now posted a lengthy remembrance of the summer he and his wife spent on tour with George.

“In July of 2007, [my wife] Mari and I decided to spend our summer with George Michael on his stadium tour through Europe. George and I share a manager and we had become friends, so it seemed like the perfect way to spend the summer,” Rob writes on Instagram.

He adds, “As a musician, it schooled me on what it means to be a performer. To see one man play to 75 or 80 thousand people and hold the attention of every single person, even though we knew he was full of self-doubt in his every day life, was like school and church at the same time.”

Rob says that George’s “generosity” made it one of the “greatest summers of our lives,” and goes on to say, “Mari and I have been fortunate enough to be a part of some amazing things, and this will ALWAYS stand out as one of the best ever!…This was a man that wrote, produced and recorded some of the greatest songs (pop or otherwise) in history.”

According to Rob, it was George’s “self-doubt that made his art so amazing.” He adds, “It was my awareness of his self-doubt in the face of his genius that made me so inspired and will continue to inspire me always.”

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